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Krown Design Web and Mobile First impressions are everything. Business down? Site need a makeover? Need new features but don’t know how? Build an online presence for your company and/or product with Krown Design Web and Mobile today. With over 15 years experience in web design and development, I can have your professional website published in about a week. Contact Sonja to promote your brand, or yourself. CLIENTS will receive a custom website, with technical support, optimized for search engine results. Maintenance to websites is available at the standard rate of $20 per hour. Domain address (ie., www.yourname.com) registration and maintenance is available for $20 per year. Hosting is available, free of advertisements, starting at $100 per year, and includes; a sub-domain address (ie., yourname.krowndesign.com), SQL database, FTP account and E-Mail account. CLIENTS will obtain any necessary copyright permissions for intended project content before making any inquiries to our services and must retain our discreet copyright notice on completed projects, in the form of (c)KROWNDESIGN.COM. All illegal activity, hate-speech or images, and pornography is prohibited, however adult content, including nudity, is permitted. A retainer of $200 is required to begin work on any project and clients shall make advance payments to authorize further work or other services, as needed. Should the project not require the full advance, the remainder may be applied to future services or refunded, as instructed by the client. Refunds will only be made to unused portions of advances and will not be given for retainers or services rendered. Web and mobile projects of all sizes are welcome!

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